Neither McDonald’s, nor Freedom

A year ago, at noon on 17 December, the national clock was restarted and we became a country filling the headlines and people’s expectations. With the reestablishment of relations between the ...

Cuba-US Relations

17D: How Optimism Fades

Perhaps the most visible impact of the restoration of relations between the US and Cuba, begun a year ago today, is expressed in the hopes that it awoke in third countries. Governments, businesses ...

Cuba-US relations

The Thaw and St. Lazarus Fight Over a Date: 17D

Dawn broke, this Thursday, to hundreds of pilgrims and promise keepers in the sanctuary of Rincón, south of Havana. The front pages of the world’s newspapers celebrated the first anniversary of ...


One Year After December 17, Who Took The Lead?

Several articles have already appeared alluding to the first anniversary of the normalization of relations between Cuba and the USA and evaluating the results.For some nothing has happened: ...

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