La Habana se prepara para el Gran Funeral

From Havana

Fear, Dry Law and Funerals

When the reporters finally manage to get some statements, they are only from those who agree with the official discourse. Inside people’s homes everything is different

Fidel Castro reaparece en público en julio de 2015 para un encuentro con trabajadores civiles del Ministerio del Interior y las FAR. (Estudio Revolución)


The Last Death of Fidel Castro

The question so often formulated, of what would happen after the physical disappearance of Fidel Castro, will soon have its inexorable answer.

9 En los estanquillos, no se encuentran copias del diario oficialista 'Granma'. (14ymedio)

Death of Fidel Castro

The Myth Died, Cuba Must Change

Cuba is facing inevitable changes. The death of the mythic figure favors them. The Cuban people also demand them

Cientos de personas hicieron cola desde primera hora aguardando a que dieran las nueve de la mañana para rendir tributo al expresidente. (EFE)


The Ancient Dictator Died Long Ago

The feelings his existence infused in me were fear, admiration, respect, devotion, doubt, disbelief, resentment, contempt, and, finally, the most absolute indifference

Fidel Portada

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Dies

Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, his brother, President Raul Castro said today in a speech on Cuban state television.